Sevilla make it a stunning SIXTH Europa League title 🏆

Winner: Sevilla have now won at least twice as many UEFA Cup/Europa League trophies than any other club in the competition's history:

🏆 2006
🏆 2007
🏆 2014
🏆 2015
🏆 2016
🏆 2020

Sevilla have never lost a final. This was inevitable.

Sevilla FC holds the record of the most victories in the Europa League history. And they just added their 6th Europa League title.

Jesus Navas lifts his third Europa League trophy with Sevilla 🏆 What a moment! 🙌

Sevilla has reached the Europa League finals 6 times and won all 6 of them. Real Madrid and Sevilla are definitely kings of European finals. KINGS!!!

Sevilla wear t-shirts in memory of Jose Antonio Reyes and Antonio Puerta after winning the Europa League ❤️

Sevilla are the most successful team in Europa League history, Well done Sevilla FC
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