Messi may not undergo medical examination? These punishments await!

Superstar Lionel Messi has written to the club asking him to leave the club, but there has been no clear explanation from the club. So fans are watching what Messi will do next. Fans are anxious to see if Messi will stick to his decision to leave the club or change his mind. But new reports suggest that Messi will stick to his decision to leave the club. The latest news is that Messi may not undergo a medical examination for the Barcelona players on Sunday. The news was released by the Spanish media Sport.


It is understood that Messi was given such an instruction by his legal team. The PCR test, including the Kovid test, will be held on Sunday. This will be followed by pre-season training on Monday. However, Messi's legal team has instructed him not to take part in the event, as Neymar has done before, and to keep the club on the defensive. In doing so, Messi is facing disciplinary action. This means that if you do not join the team on Sunday and Monday for no apparent reason, you will receive a suspension and a fine. That means Messi will face suspension from the club for 2 to 10 days. In addition, Messi could be fined up to 7% of his monthly salary. If Messi's boycott continues on Tuesday and Wednesday, his sentence will increase. That means Messi could be suspended for 10 to 30 days. Barcelona could also be fined up to 25 per cent of their monthly salary. This means that Messi must join Barcelona to avoid this.

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